Kenyan women in US plan demo over public stripping

Kenyan women in the US have condemned the recent public stripping of women in Nairobi and Mombasa.

A group of Kenyan women plans to hold a demonstration in downtown Dallas to protest the stripping incidents.

The peaceful demonstration is organised by Ms Alice Peter and will be under the umbrella of the Kenya Dallas Beauties against Women’s Violence.

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The protests will include women dressed in miniskirts in support of the stripping victims. The organisers also hope to enlist the support of men during the event.

Pastor Joan Wairimu, the founder of Queens Ministry International USA, which has branches in states across the US, referred to the incidents as acts of violence and a violation of human rights.


In a statement sent to the Nation, Pastor Wairimu said her organisation believes in raising the self-esteem of women.

She said her organisation views these heinous actions by unruly men to be in direct opposition to what they believe in.

“Queens Ministry, as a Christian organisation, believes that every woman has the responsibility to dress decently as her body is a temple of the Holy Spirit,” she said. “Nevertheless, her failure to meet her responsibility does not warrant a violation of her rights.”

Some women in the US have also implored President Uhuru Kenyatta to act decisively to have the perpetrators brought to justice.

“The President’s silence is extremely disturbing and (he) should come out and address this madness with the urgency it deserves,” said Jenny Odhiambo of Arlington, Texas.

“Jail these men who are pretending that their despicable actions are about the women’s dressing.”