5 steps for planning a trip

  1. Do your research

I am sure before you decide on where you are heading to, you already have an idea of the place you are heading to. Try and find out on the basic and important info. With the current technology ,you are able to get info at the touch of a button which will give you insights of where you are heading to.

  1. Pack light

By having light stuff, you are able to move freely as you explore and discover your destination. Travelling with heavy luggage always prove to be cumbersome.

  1. Don’t book Accommodation for your whole stay

This will allow you to adjust if need be when you are not satisfied with the place.

  1. Make friends with locals

Taxi/cab drivers have proved to have more info. They can guide you to be best accommodation places because they tend to have first-hand info.

5 .Ask a lot of questions

By doing this you are able to learn more and understand the area i.e. where do you eat? What do they think about the places? The response will make you make informed decision.