Third Annual Devolution Conference to be Held in Meru County

On 27/08/2010 Kenya promulgated a new constitution which introduced a new system of government.Devolved system of government was introduced.By voting overwhelmingly for a devolved system of government, Kenyans sought to have power, resources and responsibility away from the center and closer to the people. This was to ensure service delivery was taken to the mwananchi to spur socio-economic development, ensure resources are shared equitably and promote better governance.

Since 2013, The Council of Governors together with the Ministry of Devolution and Planning in collaboration with other stakeholders have been organizing the devolution conference on an annual basis. The First Annual Devolution Conference was held in Kwale County in April 2014, the Second Annual Devolution Conference in Kisumu in April 2015 and the Third Annual Devolution Conference will be hosted by Meru County from 20th-23rd April 2016 at Meru National Polytechnic

The Conference whose theme will be The promise of Devolution,will be looking into the ways of consolidating the gains after transition and looking into the future.

The conference whose participants will include representatives from both levels of government, independent commissions, academia, policy practitioners, civil society and media amongst others will deliberate on the successes as well as challenges that the new system of government is faced with and how to take advantage of the emerging opportunities presented by devolution