Kisumu City Business District Association Condemns Property Destruction

On behalf of the Business Community in the City of Kisumu, KCBDA strongly condemns the acts of hooliganism, robbery, vandalism and property damages orchestrated by the criminal elements disguised as Anti-IEBC demonstrators and whom have successfully assimilated themselves into Anti-IEBC Demonstrations.

Whereas we strongly support the right to demonstration and picketing as enshrined in the laws of Kenya, we strongly condemn activities that results to loss of life & property and threatens to disrupt the local economy on a longer term that outlives the issues of agitation.

Today’s theft & destruction targeting business establishments in the City of Kisumu is crime at its purest form. And has a huge negative long term direct & indirect effect on the local economy.

We appeal that those persons individually responsible for the destruction to be held accountable. They are nolonger activists agitating for change at IEBC but are criminals out to sabotage the livelihoods of the people of the City of Kisumu.

Whereas IEBC must go, it cannot be at the expense of destroying the City of Kisumu.

Kisumu Central Business District Association