Interview with Miss Tourism Kisumu County 2016

After the finals for miss tourism Kenya 2016 in Vihiga,we had the opportunity to interview the reigning Miss tourism Kisumu County 2016 Miss Juliet Mercy Atieno about his experience and her plans during her reign.Here is the  interview

1. Tell us about yourself

My name is Juliet Mercy Awino, am a final year student at JOOUST persuing bachelor of science Computer security and forensics, am passionate about technology and i always want to be the best in everything that i do

2. What drove you to participate in Miss Tourism 2016?

I participated because i wanted to realize my dreams and to rediscover myself besides, I’ve always wanted to model for a course/purpose

3. What can you tell us about your experience during the finals in Vihiga?

we were operating under a tight schedule sleeping late and waking up early but it was worth it. Everything that i learnt there is very valuable and will always help me in my day to day life even after my reign.

4. What are your plans during your reign as Miss Tourism Kisumu 2016?

Wow! I have so many but I’ll just list two.

First, as a tourism ambassador and a technology expert in the making, i will merge the two in order to scale up marketing of tourism in the region.

Secondly, i will advocate for peace and unity because elections are just around the corner and we all know how disruptive it can be.

5. What can you tell current Miss Tourism Kenya 2016 Miss Wendy?

congratulations! she’s the best, let her market our country to her level best. I wish her well, as a team I will always be there if she needs support

6. What can you tell us about Kisumu tourism in general?

Kisumu is a rich tourism hub, it has great potential right from sports tourism, to event tourism(we have the capacity to hold big events), ecotourism and many more.

7. What support would you like to get from County Government of Kisumu during your reign as Miss Tourism Kisumu 2016?

I need their cooperation and support

8. What can you tell your supporters?

i thank them so much, i will forever make them proud. I appreciate them so much especially my family.