President Uhuru Defends His Development records in Nyanza Region

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today defended his development record in Nyanza region.Briefing the press at Kisumu State lodge ,state house spokesperson Mr.Manoah Esipisu has said that National youth service personnel are currently involved in cleaning up of water hyacinth from Lake Victoria

He said the region has been getting the same attention as other parts of the country and County Governments has been allocated their  rightful shares of County funding.

Since 2013,Kisumu County has received Ksh 17.89 billion in terms of devolved funds and CDF amounting to Ksh 2.63 billion

Kisumu County has also received 21,792 tablets in 402 primary Schools under Digital Literacy Programme(DLP)

77,452  deliveries were recorded since June 2013 under Free Maternity Services Programme

In regards to Social inclusion there has been a total of 36256 beneficiaries of Women Enterprise Fund at a total cost of Kshs 216,350,000

During the same period a total of 11,391 people benefited from Youth Enterprise Development Fund at a cost of Ksh 119,369,284 and 33.347 people benefited from Uwezo Fund at a total cost of Ksh 128,105,228

“This implies that a large chunk of cash has been availavle to help grow the County-and Hopefully the Governor and the Mps from here invested the money well in projects that lift the lives of the residents” Said Mr.Esipisu