President Uhuru Kenyatta to Visit Kisumu Tomorrow

President Kenyatta to visit Homa Bay, Kisumu, to emphasise ‘Strong Economic foundations’ under Jubilee

Over the past five years, President Uhuru Kenyatta has built the foundations for a strong economy that will deliver more jobs, guarantee prosperity, and lower prices for goods and services for all Kenyans.

He has secured crucial development projects and has invested in schools and hospitals as well as roads, bridges and dams.

These foundations are the first part of his Action Plan to deliver prosperity to all Kenyans. The President is seeking re-election, to transform these strong economic foundations into real economic benefits felt by everyone.

Tomorrow, the President will visit people in the Nyanza counties of Kisumu and Homa Bay, to talk to them about his Action Plan to deliver more jobs and lower prices by building the strong economic foundations necessary for the prosperity and transformation of this nation.

He will make the trip following his meet-the-people visit in Narok today where he spoke about the foundations for prosperity there, including his decision to waive agricultural loans to give people the opportunity to continue to invest in agricuture to grow the country.

In Homa Bay, the President will emphasise investment across all of Kenya to bolster growth, citing the $250 million foreign investment for a hyacinth-to-electricity plant to provide cheaper and more reliable energy for all local residents. In Kisumu, the President will attend the ground-breaking for a new brewery after a Sh15 billion investment, creating thousands of local jobs. Later he will visit Siaya, which has benefitted enormously from investment in roads and electricity.

The President will make the crucially important point that the foundations for economic prosperity that he has built are for all Kenyans, regardless of tribal or political affiliation. Every location in Kenya, including areas perceived to lean towards the opposition, have benefitted from the building of these economic foundations.

The President will return to Nairobi to attend the opening ceremony of the World Junior Athletics Championships, late on Wednesday and the requiem service for the late CS for Interior, Major-General Joseph Nkaissery scheduled for Thursday.

On Friday, the President will travel to Laikipia to attend the funeral of Senator G.G. Kariuki, an ally and towering figure in Kenya’s post-independence history.

On Saturday, President Kenyatta will attend the burial of his close friend Major-General Nkaissery.

Manoah Esipisu
State House Spokesperson

11th July 2017