Agriculture best bet for Kisumu County to spur development.

Kisumu County has a high unemployment rate of over 50 per cent, inequality and high poverty levels, with the youth being the most affected. These issues are not exclusive to the county but the region has resources it can utilise to change the situation. We are blessed with vital economic triggers. A good international airport, that is grossly underutilised, Lake Victoria and rivers, equally not well utilised, favourable climate and rich soils and lastly a populace rich and talented in arts and sports. Kisumu has very few industries and is mainly sustained by small retail industries and boda boda, which employ thousands of youth. Outside the town the bustling Kibos Sugar, the failed Miwani Sugar and the poorly managed and the loss making Chemelil and Muhoroni Sugar are other notable employers. It means in a county with seven sub counties, six are even faced with lower standards of living than the urban Kisumu Central.
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